Community Service Officers

The Newark Police Division must do everything in its power to ensure positive interactions between
the Division and all members of the community.  Community Service Officers serve as bridge between the police and the community within the precinct that they are assigned. They exist to help identify issues, and assist the community in finding solutions to those issues. They familiarize themselves with residents, community leaders and clergy members by attending community meetings using other creative techniques to engage with the community.  Please scroll through and find the community officer in your precinct.

First Precinct 10 17th Ave Newark, NJ  07103 (973) 645-1028

Police Officer R. Thomas

PO R. Thomas.JPG

Second Precinct 1 Lincoln Ave Newark, NJ  07102 (973) 733-6080

Police Officer J. Molina

Police Officer T. Rich

Police Officer R. Barbosa

Third Precinct 649 Market Street Newark, NJ  07105 (973) 733-6190

Police Officer M. Silva

MS Photo_edited_edited_edited.jpg
PO R. Barbosa

Police Officer B. Burrows

Police Officer A. Porter

Fourth Precinct 247 16th Avenue Newark, NJ  07103 (973) 733-6060

PO B. Burrows

Police Officer G. Hines

Police Officer M. Muhammad


Fifth Precinct 480 Clinton Avenue Newark, NJ  07108 (973) 733-6070

Police Officer S. Okerchiri

PO S. Okerchiri

Sixth Precinct 491 Irvington Avenue Newark, NJ  07106 (973) 923-1473

Police Officer C. Corbett


Seventh Precinct 159 N 10th St Newark, NJ  07107 (973) 645-1819

Police Officer L. WYCKOFF

Police Officer A. Davis


Police Officer J. RIVERA