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Community Input on Training

The Newark Police Division (NPD) is committed to transparency in its procedures and performance and seeks opportunities to engage with the community.  Openness and transparency are both extremely important because they engender trust. If people can see what you are doing, they are far more likely to trust what you do. And this is important, particularly in respect to policing in Newark. To engender a culture of transparency, the NPD seeks input from the community on policies and training. 


Members of the community expect officers to be properly trained and ready to make split second decisions under rapidly evolving conditions. Scenario-Based Training provides a safe place to fail as officers build the capacity to react to situations as they would occur in real-life.  Scenarios also promote critical thinking while providing context to implement an officers best judgement.


We are seeking your input based on the following objectives:

  • Is there an incident in recent history where a police officers actions and/or citizen encounter was controversial that could be used for Implicit BIAS Training

  • Could the facts of the scenario be changed to be Newark specific?


For additional guidance on how to construct your scenario click here

Please provide your suggestions below for scenarios that we could use to include in our future training sessions.  


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