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" The Newark Police Division is committed to protecting and serving the people of Newark and strives to reduce crime and provide a safe city"


CommUnity Survey

Please help NPD learn about the community's concerns by taking the survey linked below.  


Policies have been posted that guide the conduct of all police personnel. Please review policies that have been drafted and leave feedback.


Body Worn Cameras

Body-Worn Cameras (BWC's) on police officers improves the civility of police-citizen encounters and enhances citizen perceptions of police transparency and legitimacy. Click below to find out more about our Body Worn Cameras.



The Newark Police Division (NPD) is committed to transparency in its procedures and performance and seeks opportunities to engage with the community all while holding officers, supervisors, and administrators accountable for their conduct and performance. Policies have been posted that guide the conduct of all police personnel. Additionally, it is the goal of the Newark Police Division to foster a true collaborative partnership through positive engagements and build public trust between the Division and the community and to promote safe communities by reducing crime, particularly violence. To achieve these goals, the Newark Police Division and its members shall approach all interactions with the public as opportunities to enhance the perception of law enforcement and build upon public trust.  The NPD will fight crime more effectively as it improves training, increases supervision, and streamlines the disciplinary process. We hope the information here provides an understanding of the work the division is doing to highlight its commitment to protect and serve all those that visit, work and live in the City of Newark.

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